October 19th, 2008

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UnDead from Screamfest, it's Jerry & Woody!!!!!!!

The Reverend Wright and William Ayers of Horror Movie Reviews report from Orlando, Florida - the site of the 2008 Annual Screamfest. Jerry reports that attendance is larger than ever and the energy is as whacked as ever.

Along with Woody, Jerry assisted the Malcolm McDowell Press Conference. I will link the video when the lads tell me it is posted.

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

The 23rd Annual FLiFF first Red Carpet Gala

The 23rd Annual FLiFF Gala was held at the Nova Southeastern University Campus in Davie Florida.

John Ratzenberger earned an award for Career Achievement

Ratzenberger is shown being interviewed on the red carpet by Rachel Galvin, the raven head beauty with the eye glasses.

The premier movie that night was "Coyote," which received excellent word of mouth from the people who attended the screening.

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RiP Levi Stubbs

As my radio career faded in 1990, one of my last assignments was to hang out with Levi Stubbs of "The Four Tops." As part of our promotion for 105.9 WAXY FM, we gave out imitation Greek Fisherman hats to The Four Tops. When The Four Tops entered the stage, the crowd roared. The crowd roared louder when Levi and company threw their imitation Greek Fishermen caps into the crowd.

Levi was a nice man to me. He talked about doing voice overs and he was proud of his work as the voice of Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors." He agreed to do an interview with me after the show. When the fantastic and energetic show ended, the security liaison told me after the show that our interview was not going to happen. I don't blame Levi for the interview not happening. I always had the feeling that if we met again, I would have gotten the interview.

When I worked in radio, I had seen The Four Tops perform twice and they gave their audience their money's worth. Besides being married to the same woman for forty eight years, what can be a better memory of a Motown Superstar?