August 27th, 2008

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2008 Democratic Convention Day Two

Senator Hillary Clinton gave a speech to unify the Democrats against Senator John McCain. The cheers inside the convention center fell into lockstep and former President Bill Clinton shed a few tears.

Bill Clinton shedding tears reminded me of the Ron Brown's Memorial service. While the former president attended his commerce secretary's memorial, he was shown walking onto the street, laughing and carrying on. When he realized that the cameras were on him, Bill began crying like a crocodile.

The headlines claim that "Hillary and Barrick Obama are United," but the words of the Senator from New York deserve closer inspection. Upon closer scrunity, Hillary's words were rather nuetral about Obama. Like a mad libs game, insert the noun "Obama" with any other presidential nominee - "Biden," "Richardson," "Edwards," "Ron Paul" - the speech would be just as functionary.

As for Hillary, she gave a speech that will not get her in trouble in either 2012 or 2016.

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2008 Democratic Convention Day Three

Former President Clinton gave a partisan speech.
Clinton's sychophants still worship him like it was 1992.
Nostalgia for good economic times can erase forgotten memories.

It is amazing that people in the news media still think Clinton was a well liked president. 58% of the American people voted against Clinton in 1992 and 51% of the American people voted against Clinton in 1996.

Lest we forget the growth of organized terrorism under Clinton's watch? Remember the first bombing of World Trade Center in 1993?
The Olympic Park Bombings in 1996?
The Airline crashes during the summer of 1996?
The USS Cole?

Yes, the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred during President George Bush's nine months of office. As of this day, how many times has the shores of the United States of America been hit by terrorists?
The answer is zero.

While popular culture is negative on the topic of President Bush, history will show this current Commander in Chief to be more competent than Bill Clinton.
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2008 Democratic Convention Day Four

Senator Barick Obama seized his moment this evening.
Obama told his audience of at least seventy five thousand people what they wanted to hear. The people in the crowd cried at the conclusion and classic music (perhaps Aaron Copeland?) induced more tears. Oprah Winfred lost her eyelashes.

Mr. Obama is smart and he has run an incredible campaign. Beating the Clintons at their own game revealed Mr. Obama as a tough politician. Starting his campaign in the land of Abraham Lincoln and concluding his speech with a country & western tune revealed Obama's inclusiveness.

The speech in the large venue was a theatrical event. Upon scrutiny, Obama's speech lacked depth beyond the platitudes that pleased the audience; "Tax the Rich!" and government programs will solve everything.
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"Funny Games" is NOT

In **Funny Games,** Naomi Watts portrays a wife to George (Tim Roth) and mother to Georgie (Devon Gearhart - an underated young actor from the Fort Lauderdale produced **Canvas**). A nerdy next door neighbor asks the Naomi Watts character for some eggs. The character invites his friend into the house and the two young men begin to torment the family.

The film is director Michael Haneke shot-by-shot remake of his original Austrian motion picture from ten years ago. **Funny Games** is essentially a B Movie that relies on tension within the shot, the action occurs within the frame of the camera lens. Many horrible things are suggested, but not shown, including a scene in which a mother strips down in front of her son.

**Funny Games** has scored 51% on the Rotten Tomatoes circle of critics. For the critics who liked the flick,**Funny Games** was treated as a satirical attack upon bourgeois Americans. To think, Naomi Watts was the Executive Producer for this flick. The question raised is "Why would you submit yourself to such a beating?" The only answer was a poor box office that was not very funny.
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"Life Before Her Eyes" - most critics hated it, therefore I liked it

The producers of "The Life Before Her Eyes" lost confidence with this movie. It was due for release but did poorly at critical screenings, scoring 25%, half the score of the sadistic **Funny Games.** **The Life Before her Eyes** is a complicated movie and could use an objective editor to straighten out the meandering subplots. However upon closer reflection, **The Life Before Her Eyes** stimulates conversation about choice, responsibility and sacrifice.

Young Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) and her friend Maureen (Eva Amurri) skip class to gab in the ladies room. The two ladies hear gunshots and encounter the shooter, a class mate. The young man asks Maureen and Diana to chose which individual should live and which one should die.

The film flash forwards to the twenty year anniversary of the high school shooting. Diana (Uma Thurman) is now married with a child who likes to high from her nuns at a Catholic school. As the memorial approaches, Diana confronts some obvious guilt about her young actions.

**The Life Before Her Eyes** presents two narratives between Young Diana and the maternal Diana. There is a mystery about the events that lead up to the shooting. There is also a blocked memory that haunts the maternal Diana. The audience learns about the importance of choice and action.

Playing one role, both actresses acquit themselves.