June 6th, 2008

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Barrack Obama becomes the Democratic Party's Champion

Congratulations to Senator Barrack Obama.
He waged a smarter campaign than Hillary Clinton.
Obama's strategy was as smart as Bill Clinton's in 1992 and George Bush's in 2000 and 2004.
It is the old adage, national elections are marathons, not sprints.

Hillary planned for a sprint.
When she won New Hampshire, the Clinton Machine seemed poised for another family dynasty. While interviewed the morning after, Obama looked physically beaten and haggard. Yet, he caught his breath, regained his optimism and won a string of victories.

Hillary claims she holds a trump card by earning 18,000,000 primary votes. The eighteen million votes is record breaking for a primary, but from what national perspective?
In 2004, the loser, John Kerry earned 57,355,978 votes.
Lest we forget,
George Bush won the 2004 election with 60,693,281 votes.

I like both Obama and John McCain.
Yet my vote will go to the candidate who will appeal to my most noble intentions,
not my worst fears.

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Neil Cavuto's Tips for Senator McCain

Neil Cavuto provided a "real man makeover" for Senator John McCain. I may have to accept some of this advice for my golden years now;

Tip one:
Embrace your inner fuddy duddy.
So it is cool to go to an early bird.

Tip two:
Don't make your age the issue, make his age the issue.
Living twice as long as your opponent means you have lived twice a lifetime.

Tip three:
Don't hide your temper. Show it.
It worked for Ronald Reagan when Mr. Breen turned off his microphone during a debate.
Ronald Reagan paid for the debate.
The press treated Reagan like a hothead, the public saw him as a customer who was being gypped.

Tip four:
In the debates, shake your head. Don't say anything. Just shake your head.
I was more effective in the classroom as a teacher when I talked less.

Tip five:
Tap your inner Bob Newhart.
"I'm older than dirt" line, and got the scars to prove it."
One of the best understated lines that John McCain said in a debate, when talking about the 1960s was;

"I was tied up at the time."