May 16th, 2008

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Uwe Boll has become the Ed Wood of our Generation.
The man self finances his movies which are usually based on video games.
"Postal" is his latest work and is a satirical comedy about suicide terrorists.

How satirical?
The Soup Nazi portrays Usama Bin Laden.

Besides being talked about in the latest "Kore Movies with Walt Snider," the film is being released the same weekend as "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Or will it?

Because of the controversial nature of Uwe Boll, "Postal" is having trouble securing commitments from major theatre chains. While there is a disturbing scene featuring the World Trade Center that should be edited out, the tone of the previews seem to reflect Trey Parker & Matt Stone's "Team America: World Police."

If you want the option of seeing "Postal" in a theatre near you,
here are the e-mails for the big 3 theatre chains. Feel free to drop them a note;

Cinemark Theatres:
John Lundin -

AMC Theatres:
Sonny Gourley -

REGAL Theatres:
Ted Cooper -

Perhaps if the e-mails make a difference,
the Soup Nazi (Larry Thomas) will smile!

Well, maybe not.