May 12th, 2008

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A 35 year old flashback!

God Bless Mr. Sweeney wherever you are!
My 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Sweeney told us the plot for "Bambi Meets Godzilla" and we HAD to see it!!! Eventually we raised money by showing afterschool movies and our box office attraction was "Bambi meets Godzilla!" It was a proud day for this elementary school in Huntington, Long Island near Greenlawn.

The school is gone, but Bambi, Godzilla and colorful memories remain!

The soundtrack starts off with Rosinni's "Willen Tell" Overture and concludes with the Beatles's "A Day in the Life" final note. We all know the tragic aftermath!!!

I did see an unauthorized sequel at a student show at Florida State University Moore Auditorium. They presented "Bambi's Revenge" This sequel featured Bambi giving "Godzilla" a hot foot and we actually see the giant lizard's face. Eventually 'Zilla hops around on one foot when he accidentally stomps on Bambi for another time.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Interview with Elizabeth Pena and Steven Bauer

Steven Bauer and Elizabeth Pena have traveled nonstop from New York and Miami promoting **How the Garcia Girls spent their Summer.** The two are old friends since starring in the television miniseries **Drug Wars: The Camarena Story** in 1990. Both actors zing each other as if they were middle school cousins, but onscreen the both Bauer and Pena portray passion worthy of a Harlequin Romance cover. The reality is sobering.

"I miss my kids and the California dry heat. I hate to admit this as a Cuban, but Florida is so humid," said Elizabeth Pena. Steven Bauer attended an outdoor screening that suffered from similar environmental concerns and mosquitoes;

"It was uncomfortable, but the people stuck with the movie. After the first twenty minutes and the confessional scenes, the audience was hooked."

**How the Garcia Girls spent their Summer** was filmed in Yuma, Arizona with regular 110 degree heat. Elizabeth Pena commented that;”

"The shooting schedule was tight and America Ferrara had filmed many of her scenes already. I was alone for real in a small town, where there is no outside, just some Hometown buffets and a Dennys restaurant. Everything is beige."

Yet Pena was able to use the environment to create the character of Lolita.
"This was a pleasurable experience. I loved the role and you never see this type of role for feature films. There is no sensitivity for a woman to remain sexual after forty. A taboo is broken by this movie."

Both Pena and Bauer admired working with first time writer/director Georgina Riedel.
"She talks sweet but is very clear about her direction. She was not intimidated by actors and she does not bend. She knows what she wants and she gets it, in a sweet way."

Both Bauer and Pena have been involved with **How the Garcia Girls spent their Summer** since 2005. When asked about their future, Bauer responded;

"There are a thousand things left to do. I have only done 25% of what I want to do."
Steven Bauer will be seen on the big screen in the boxing drama **From Mexico with Love** and has recently completed **Dark World** with Theresa Russell and Michael Pare.

Pena has been directing episodic television shows and she hopes to direct her own movies,
" an actress, you are serving somebody else's vision. However I learned that I can not act when I direct. With directing you are thinking about the big picture, in acting you are thinking about the moment."