April 11th, 2008

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"Smart People" ain't for the dumb

"Smart People" features3 smart people and one not so smart person. The not so smart person, Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) is the adopted brother of a high brow and burned out literature professor, Lawrence Wetherford (Dennis Quaid). Lawrence is the widow and father of a well adjusted high school senior Vanessa (Ellen Page), who is wise enough to score high on her SATs, keep a clean house and contribute her free time towards the Young Republicans.

When he is injured from a preventable incident, Professor Wetherford comes into contact with the steely medical doctor, Janet Hartigan(Sarah Jessica Parker), a former student. Due to his injury, Lawrence is restricted from driving and must rely on his adoptive brother to drive him around. Little does Professor Lawrence Wetherford know, his reliance upon his brother, daughter and medical doctor help redeem his life.

"Smart People" is an unusual movie.
The climatic scenes are underplayed and the audience is forced to figure out key moments. "Smart People" pays off to ticket buyers who have IQs over 99.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

PBiFF Day One

Four out of the past five Palm Beach International film Festivals have been great events for the South Florida community. Yet as the 13th Annual looms, one wonders if Jason Voorhees is leading his minions on an assault upon the hard working volunteers and promoters of the 13th annual event.

During a local critics screening, the DVD proved defective. My telephone interview was delayed due to problems with the telephone line. Yet in times of chaos, heroes are born. Jan Rooney, Mickey's wife, called me, resolved the problem and I was able to connect with PBiFF's new legendary honoree.

Fresh from his Oscar nomination as best director for "Juno,"
Jason Reitman has been earned the Visionary Award.

Youth will also be served by Josh Hutcherson, who will be seen this summer opposite Brendan Fraser in Eric Brevig’s "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" and is this year’s Horizon Award honoree.

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be going to Academy ("An Officer and a Gentleman") and Emmy ("Roots") Award-winner Louis Gossett, Jr.

The Showmanship Award will be presented to Cheryl Hines ("Waitress," "Everybody Loves Raymond") whose ensemble comedy film about Las Vegas poker, "The Grand" opens the 13th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival at Sunrise Mizner Theatre.

Sunrise Cinema’s owners Mitch and Nancy Dreier will receive the Friends in Film award.
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PBiFF All Roads Lead Home

In 2005, Peter Boyle earned the Showmanship Award at the 10th Annual PBiFF. While Patricia Heaton and David Hunt's documentary "The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania" played on the Mizner Plaza Screen, Peter Boyle introduced "Young Frankenstein" as the Fronkenstein Monster. It was a great festival and Mr. Boyle left people with fond memories.

Peter Boyle's last film will be "All Roads Lead Home," directed by Dennis Fallon. Boyle played the lonely and rundown Poovey. The cast also includes Peter Coyote, Vivien Cardone and Vanessa Branch. "All Roads Lead Home" looks heartwarming.
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PBiFF "La Americana" could use a little help.....

In direct contrast to "Confessions of an Economic Hitman," "la Americana' tells the tragic story of Maria del Carmen Rojas, a single mother whose daughter is a paraplegic. The job opportunities in Bolivia are not forthcoming, so Maria comes to America.

This hardworking lady works long hours cleaning houses and walking dogs. She makes a lot of cash, but she is unable to care for her daughter. Maria learns that if she returns to Bolivia , she will be unable to return to America.

"La Americana" is a heartbreaking motion picture, yet Maria is not an individual given to self pity. She teaches her handicapped daughter the same lesson, though the daughter's health grows worst each day. Yet the daughter's 15 birthday is celebrated with a big family in high style and one feels that Maria will persevere.

If you want to help Maria, take a peek at http://www.peoplestelevision.com/laamericana/