April 8th, 2008

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PBiFF "Confession of an Economic Hitman" is a movie of self pity

Based on his book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" is John Perkins' perspective of United State international policies. The Perkins premise is that the United States government sets up third world countries to fail. USA then enslaves these third world countries when they are unable to pay off their massive debt.

"Confession of an Economic Hitman" suffers from inadequate historical research. Perkins forgets to remind his viewers that most of these third world countries were debter nations BEFORE America provided financial and medical assistance. "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" is so one sided in it's argument that the conclusion becomes laughable.
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PBiFF spends fundraising capital on local communities

Keep your calendars open. April 27 will be the date of a screening of several films from the Palm Beach Film School up in Palm Beach off PGA Blvd at Loehman’s Theater (which is right there on the South Side of PGA off of 95).

Rachel Galvin will be seen in Jon Druttman’s short drama "The Delivery" as the comic element, a beautiful angellic woman with a voice like Fran Drescher.

Galvin will also be seen in the intense drama "A Life Worth Living," directed by Tommy Nelson. This is a short film about a woman who has lost her mother and now must also deal with the return of her long-lost and very troubled brother. Neither film is expected to feature Rachel Galvin in fishnets.

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PBiFF "La Americana" The complication is made simple

As South Florida residents, we have witnessed both the good and bad effects of illegal immigration issues. The Mariel Boatlift of 1980 revealed the "Tony Montana Scarface" stereotype, while the meeker immigrants have found the opportunity to find the American dream.

Produced and Director by Nicholas Bruckman, "La Americana" tells the tragic story of Maria del Carmen Rojas, a single mother whose daughter is a paraplegic. The opportunities in Boliva are not forthcoming, so Maria comes to America. The hardworking lady works long hours cleaning houses and walking dogs. She makes a lot of cash, but she is unable to care for her daughter. Maria learns that if she returns to Bolivia, she will be unable to return to America.

"La Americana" is a heartbreaking motion picture, yet Maria is not an individual given to self pity. She teaches her handicapped daughter the same lesson, though the daughter's health grows worst each day. Yet the daughter's 15 birthday is celebrated with a big family in high style and one feels that Maria will find a way.

If you wish to help Maria, please visit;
After you see "La Americana," one will want to help Maria and her daughter.
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Four out of the past five Palm Beach International film Festivals have been great events for the South Florida community. Yet as the 13th Annual looms, one wonders if Jason Voorhees is leading his minions on an assault upon the hard working volunteers and promoters of the 13th annual event.
During a local critics screening, the DVD proved defective. My telephone interview was delayed due to problems with the telephone line.

Yet in times of chaos, heroes are born. Jan Rooney, Mickey's wife, called me, resolved the problem and I was able to connect with PBiFF's new legend.
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PBiFF "Goodbye Baby"

GOODBYE BABY tells the story of a bright and beautiful young woman, Melissa Brooks, as she pursues her dream of becoming a stand-up comic in New York City's legendary and unforgiving comedy club scene. With a break out performance from Christine Evangelista and some notable indie favorites, this film is a must see!!

Recently graduated from an affluent high school and faced with the daunting prospect of paying her own way through college, Melissa watches her rich friends head off to Ivy League schools to become doctors and lawyers. Not able to afford their path, she chooses to spend the summer after her senior year with her brother Robbie (Ivan Sandomire) and his boyfriend Miller (Kane Manera). It's not long after she's moved into their SoHo apartment that Melissa falls in love with the vitality of New York life and a certain resident in particular named Kevin (Michael Mosley).

Melissa soon finds work at Perlman's comedy club where the owner (Jerry Adler), a veteran comic himself, takes her under his wing. Over the coming days and weeks, Melissa hones her act while she waits tables, watching and learning from other professional comics including Donnell Rawlings (“Chappelle's Show”) and Kevin Corrigan (The Departed, Sick in the Head). With the help of her eclectic group of downtown friends, she finds the bravery and tenacity to take the stage herself.

This is only the "first stage" in her journey to success and happiness. Melissa realizes that in order to embrace her future she must first face her past.
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Florida SuperCon call for film entries

Florida SuperCon (FSC) announces its call for film entries for the 2008 Florida SuperCon Independent Film Festival (FSCIFF) which will take place during the 2008 Florida SuperCon Multi-Genre Convention held May 23-25, 2008. Both short (films under 45 minutes) and feature length films will be eligible. Film genres can be comic book, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and related subjects.

Deadline for entry to FSCIFF is May 1, 2008. Entry Fees: $25 short films, $35 feature length films; payable by Money Order or Google checkout only. More information and a link to downloadable submission forms can be found at: http://www.floridasupercon.com/FILMFESTIVAL.html

Florida SuperCon Official Site: http://www.floridasupercon.com