October 15th, 2007

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Can you Spare at least $50,000?

After years of praising the military, Rush Limbaugh was admonished by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a few weeks ago. Apparently the Senator has nothing better to do with the peoples agenda than to whine about a talk show host. Funding social security, paying down the budget deficit or dealing with illegal aliens does not seem to be important enough for our current senate.

As a news story, it collapsed in absurdity.
Rush Limbaugh fought back with a brilliant move. Check this out;


Essentially, Limbaugh was given the letter and now he is going to auction the letter on e-bay;

Bidding is currently at $50,100.00

Here is the item in auction;

So Rush Limbaugh auctions off Harry Reid's letter to Clear Channel on eBay, with proceeds going to Marine-Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Limbaugh's action seems to be more helpful to the troops than what the 41 senators did in their stewardship of our congress.