September 15th, 2007

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IMAX Backroads & Byways: Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

Last, but not least, is the story of "Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West." Last reviewed in 2003, this 40 minute epic tracks President Thomas Jefferson’s exploration of the western frontier. "Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West" is an epic journey that is best told on the IMAX sixty foot screen. The film makers present the travails and success of this government sponsored project, which was made possible by the guidance of Sacagawea, a pregnant Indian.
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Backroads & Byways: NASCAR 3D**

In direct contrast to the leisurely paced "Country Music: the Spirit of America" and "Mark Twain’s America," "NASCAR 3D" provides an insider's perspective about the nation's number one spectator sport. While there are some spectacular shots of cars racing into the camera and a tire that flies into the audience, "NASCAR 3D" is really an economic thesis about free enterprise. The film shows the growth of the sport from Daytona to the multimillion dollar events that support the small communities in Talladega , Alabama. The science of motors is explored with fascinating detail for even the NASCAR layman.
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IMAX Backroads & Byways: Country Music: the Spirit of America

"Country Music: the Spirit of America" presents the visual poetry of 20th century American country music. Dolly Parton and Lyle Lovett are among the fifty country and western music stars that contribute to this fine and heartfelt film. Opening and closing with the gospel classic, "Will the Circle be broken?" "Country Music: the Spirit of America" shows how this great American Art form grew from families entertaining themselves on the front porch of their homes.

The producers are bold enough to ask the question, “Will Country Music be relevant in the 21 first century?” As record sales have shown, country music may be more relevant today than ten years ago.
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IMAX Backroads & Byways: "Mark Twain’s America"

Using archival photographs, "Mark Twain’s America" celebrates the contemporary evolution of America from a nation of agricultural to that of an industrial giant. Using Mark Twain (actual name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens) written words as a commentary, the producers walk on the streets of Hannibal, Missouri. Crossing timelines from the 21st century to the 19th century, one sees how influential Mark Twain remains today. "Mark Twain’s America" is also the most emotional of the four movies.
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IMAX Backroads & Byways: An American Heritage Film Festival

The IMAX Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery will be presenting a special program this weekend as part of their "Backroads & Byways" film presentation, subtitled "An American Heritage Film Festival." There will be special pricing for these documentaries, which run approximately 45 minutes per movie. The titles are;

"Mark Twain’s America"
"Country Music: the Spirit of America"
"Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West"

All four films of the "Backroads & Byways: An American Heritage Film Festival" do not flinch at the flaws of the United States of America . The issues of slavery and injustice are raised in "Mark twain’s America" and "Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West." However the emphasis is not on victim hood, but social responsibility. These series of movies also remind us of the essential goodness of the true American Character in times of challenge.
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Happy Birthday Fay Wray!!!!!

Robert Osbourne and Carrie Fisher insisted on calling her a "Scream Queen" during the TCM tribute to Fay Wray. Again, I can state from personal experience, Fay Wray disdained being known as a scream queen.

For the most part, TCM does deserve credit for reminding everybody that Fay Wray turned 100 today.
Happy Birthday Vina!