September 4th, 2007

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Katie the Not-So-Real Story

Lat week, Edward Klein's expose of Katie Couric was released, "Katie The Readl Story." As the anchor "CBS News," the 3rd place network news program on broadcast televison, Katie's anchor desk in now in Iraq.

I normally do not read "Real Biographies" that have not been authorized by the subject. Kitty Kelly could have written "Katie The Real Story" for all I care.

I did want to know more about Katie's Alabama roots. While not much is mentioned, Katie Couric does have relatives buried in the Eufala Cemetery with members of the Watson Family.

One minor mistake, but a revealing one when it comes to Edward Klein's research on "Katie The Real Story." Chapter Four is devoted to Katie's years' in Miami. Starting in the fall of 1985, Katie was employed by WTVJ. Klein states that WTVJ was Channel 6, but actually WTVJ was on Channel 4 during the Katie Couric years. In fact, WTVJ did not change television channels until the mid 1990s.

As one of my mentors once said,
if one detail is wrong, then the whole report is wrong.