August 14th, 2007

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Harley Jane Kozak takes her "Dead Ex" on tour!

Harley Jane Kozak
Reading and signing
Dead Ex
(Doubleday, $21.95)

Monday, August 20, 8pm
Books & Books, Coral Gables
Books & Books | 265 Aragon Avenue | Coral Gables | FL | 33134

Wollie Shelley, the endearing, idiosyncratic heroine of the
award-winning "Dating Dead Men" and "Dating Is Murder" returns in a funny murder mystery set in the world of television soaps.

When David Zetrakis, the producer of a popular soap opera, is found
shot to death the day after Christmas, Wollie Shelley finds herself caught
up in the murder investigation. Zetrakis was one of the many Mr.
Wrongs in Wollie's career as a serial dater, and her friend Joey has emerged
as the media's prime suspect. A hot-tempered celebrity who had dated
Zetrakis and was fired from his show some years ago, Joey has inherited
a million-dollar Klimt from him. But Joey is not the only potential
suspect. Zetrakis left lots of nice bequests to the cast and crew of the
show. And as the dating correspondent on a talk show called SoapDirt,
Wollie, who's required to dine and dish with the stars, quickly discovers
that the behind-the-scenes intrigues of television soaps are as highly
charged as the on-screen shenanigans.

When Wollie is not trying to protect Joey from an onslaught of
predatory reporters, she's helping her brother make the transition from a
mental hospital to a halfway house and negotiating her relationship with
Simon, her FBI-agent boyfriend. "Dead Ex" is another full-out romp of a
mystery sure to please Kozak's many fans and win her many new ones, too.

About the Author
HARLEY JANE KOZAK is an actor who appeared in the movies "Parenthood,"
"The Favor," and "Arachnophobia" and has also acted on the soap opera "The
Guiding Light." Her first novel, "Dating Dead Men," won the Agatha, Anthony,
and Macavity awards. She lives in Topanga Canyon, California.

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Godzilla vs American Godzilla

Ten years ago, Sony marketing created a great trailer for the American release of Godzilla. The crowds cheered and went beserk everytime the trailer appeared during the Summer of 1997. Anticipation was very high!

The summer of 1998 became a disappointment.
"Godzilla" was released during Memorial Day Weekend, made 128 million dollars and was gone by the 4th of July. This utube link really captures the disappoint felt by giant monster fans everywhere.

Here is the link;
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Goldcoast Woodturners Association Demonstration at the Main Library, Aug. 25, 2 p.m

The Gold Coast Woodturners Association will give a presentation on Saturday, August 25, 2 p.m. at the Main Library, 100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. The Broward County group will demonstrate how to turn raw wood into beautiful objects, ranging from small serving bowls to furniture pieces.

The members will show and describe their pieces, how the pieces are crafted, shaping the wood and types of wood used in the projects. Two cases of the Gold Coast Woodturners Association’s pieces are on display on the second floor of the Main Library in August.

The Gold Coast Woodturners Association have 55 members and are the local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. The group’s website is at

Refreshments for the presentation are sponsored by the Friends of the Fort Lauderdale Libraries. For more information, call 954-357-7443.
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USS New York

The USS New York was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center.

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite , LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept. 9, 2003, "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there."

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back."

The ship's motto? "Never Forget"