June 9th, 2007

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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Rude, crude and socially unacceptable, which seems to be Sacha Baron Cohen's intention with his movie, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan"- "Borat" for short.

A native of Kazakhstan, Borat (Cohen) is a friendly anti semitic who travels to America. Along with his sidekick Azamat(Ken Davitian), Borat shoots a documentary about the American Culture. Borat manages to offend everybody that he meets as he crosses the American landscape. Borat eventually decides that there is no place like home.
The End.

Feminists, Cowboys, Gays and College frat boys become unwitting targets of Borat's cultural bumbling.I guess I should mention that Borat and Azamat wrestle each other in the nude and chase each other in a swanky hotel.

John Cleese once starred in a faux documentary titled "How to Irritate People." Cleese described that the secret of irritation is to not make it intentional. Cohen does that same thing with his Borat character and gets away with critical murder.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Since France elected Nicolas Sarkozy, then I will support this festival

Cinema Paradiso will begin their 7th Annual French Film Festival this Thursday night with a screening of

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s (FLIFF) and sponsors Air France and Perrier will offer an eclectic array of films, spanning 5 decades plus top new films, from June 15 through June 24 at the FLIFF’s charming, year-round art house, Cinema Paradiso. There are sixteen (16) films in all, including 1 Florida Premiere (LADY CHATTERLEY), and 1 South Florida Premiere (LA VIE EN ROSE) both of which will receive theatrical release this summer. The rest of films you may never have another opportunity to see.

Opening Night, Friday, June 15 at 8:00pm, The FLIFF French Film Festival joins forces with Sunrise Cinemas to present the South Florida Premiere of LA VIE EN ROSE. This compelling new film, from writer-director Olivier Dahan, is the swirling, impressionistic portrait of artist Edith Piaf and stars 2005 Cesar Award-winner Marion Cotillard (A Very Long Engagement, A Good Year) in a blazing performance as the legendary French icon known as the Little Sparrow. (La Vie En Rose, from Picturehouse, opens June 22 at Sunrise Cinemas Gateway, Sunrise 11, Deerfield, Mizner Park, Intracoastal, as well as Regal Cinemas Jupiter 18.

Following the Premiere of LA VIE EN ROSE, at 10:00PM, attendees will enjoy a French Soiree and Grand Opening of the newly renovated Courtyard at Cinema Paradiso. The affair includes the always popular Chocolate Fountain, Champagne, and hors d'oeuvres as a collection of Piaf’s songs plays in the background . Tickets for LA VIE EN ROSE and Soiree are $15 FLIFF members / $25 non-members; available in advance or at the door.

The French retain their saucy Moulin Rogue culture with a special screening of this lady...

Closing Night, Sunday, June 24 at 5:30PM, the FLIFF French Film Festival presents the Florida Premiere of Lady Chatterley. Directed by Pascale Ferran, Lady Chatterley received five major wins, including Best Film and Best Actress at the 2007 César Awards (France's equivalent of the Oscars®). Based on the second book in D.H. Lawrence’s trilogy, this sensual new film stars Marina Hands in the title role and will receive distribution in the U.S. by Kino International. The story is of a lovely young woman married to a British nobleman many years her senior. Paralyzed from the waist down, due to an injury sustained during World War I, his affections wane. Weary of her life, she becomes attracted and discovers “pleasures of the flesh” with Parkin (Jean-Louis Coulloc'h), the estate's groundskeeper.
Prior to the June 24 Premiere, of LADY CHATTERLEY, at 4:00pm FLIFF will host a wine & crepes party in the Courtyard. Tickets for LADY CHATTERLEY and the reception are $15 FLIFF members/ $25 non-members includes the film; available in advance.

For additional information and advance ticket sales please visit www.FLIFF.com/http://www.fliff.com/ or 954-525-3456.