March 25th, 2007

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Mel Gibson - The Passion of The Christ

Last year, I made a point of posting everyday during the Lenten season. I intended to do that again this year, but I drove into a ditch on the road to Damascus. I found this tail and I thought I should share it with you.

Rock(St. Rock, also called St. Rocco, St. Roch or St. Roc)
was born the son of a wealthy nobleman. While
ministering to the needs of the sick, Rock became
infected himself. It was his nature not to burden
others and he stayed in his hovel. While he lay
dying, a dog from a nearby villa found Rock and
brought a fresh roll from his master's house each

The dog's owner noticed this strange behavior and his
curiosity led him to the house of Rock. Touched by
the sick man and his condition, the dog's owner
befriended him and Saint Rock recovered.

This might explain why the best "Rocky" movies costar a
dog! Yo Butkus! Yo Punchy!