September 21st, 2006

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Florida Govenor's Office presents A Panel Discussion on Florida Independent Filmmaking

The Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment presents
A Panel Discussion on the State of Independent Filmmaking in Florida
Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Orange County Convention Center: West Building, 9800 International Drive; Orlando, FL 32819

As part of Florida’s Future Filmmakers all-day entertainment festival, come join a free panel discussion featuring Florida-based independent filmmakers and members of the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council’s Independent Film Task Force. This panel will feature candid two-way dialogue focused on nurturing the needs of Florida’s independent filmmakers. We want to hear your ideas on how to make it easier for filmmakers in Florida to get their productions made. Panelists include:
Paul Sirmons – Currently Florida’s State Film Commissioner; director/producer of the indie feature, The First of May; producer of three other indie features, most recently Michael King’s The Way Back Home; DGA Production Manager and First Assistant Director for 20 years.

Gregg Hale – Producer of The Blair Witch Project, the most successful indie feature ever; most recently produced the indie feature, Altered. Also produced the indie feature, Say Yes Quickly, and syndie TV series In Search Of and Freaky Links.

Dr Paul N. Lazarus, III – Produced eight major motion pictures, including Barbarosa, Capricorn One, and Westworld; 68 award-winning educational films; Former Production head for Home Box Office, Marble Arch, ABC Pictures, and Palomar Pictures; screenwriter; and currently director of the University of Miami’s Motion Picture Program.

Wayne Morris – Assoc. Producer/Production Manager, Miami Vice feature (2006), Co-Producer, Two for the Money (2005), and Exorcist: The Beginning (2004); Associate Producer on Rush Hour (1998). Produced Mortal Kombat indie syndicated series.

Ralph Clemente – Involved in 29 features, including Director/Producer of Small Town Conspiracy; Co-Producer, Killing Time, a Sundance feature; Dunsmore; Executive Producer of Lay of the Land, a Jonathon Krane feature; Associate Producer, Cease Fire with Don Johnson; Program Chair of the Valencia Community College Film Production Technology Program.

More panelists may be added. This is an opportunity to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the world of independent filmmaking! Seating is limited to 600 people.

The all-day event also includes a special 10th Anniverary showing of Clerks, a no holds barred Q&A with legendary filmmaker Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith at 2:00pm, and lots of networking opportunities. Tickets are $35.00 in advance and $50 at the door, if available. Thousands are expected to attend this special event. Tickets are still available for this event at Doors open at 8:00am
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The pacing of "Little Miss Sunshine" provides a funny payoff!

On a lighter note, "Little Miss Sunshine" contains
some belly laughs that one can laugh at their own
problems. The plot concerns a dysfunctional family
from Flagstaff, Arizona that goes on a road trip to
the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in synthetic
California. "Little Miss Sunshine" works because
it begins in pain and manages to find laughs in the
darkest of subjects.

Greg Kinnear is Father Hoover, a sales representative
who believes that winning is the only thing. Chameleon
character actress Toni Collette is Mother Hoover who
must contend with her suicidal, homosexual brother
(Steve Carrell), who used to be the preeminent Proust
scholar. Alan Arkin portrays a cranky grandfather who
may be suffering from senility or too much Woodstock
LSD. Paul Dano is the Hoover son who broods and wears
a T-shirt that says that “Jesus was Wrong.” Last, but
not least, there is the youngest Hoover, Olive
(Abigail Breslin), a runner up in the local Little
Miss Sunshine competition who is her final days of
youthful innocence.

If you enjoy hanging out with the Barrone, the Bundy
and the Bunker Families, you will feel right at home
with the Hoover family. As unconnected as they are
early in the movie, the family faces crisis after
crisis and becomes unified. The logical set up pays
off with politically incorrect belly laughs about the
California synthetic culture and the human heart.
"Little Miss Sunshine" starts off painful, but the
healing power of laughter is the final anecdote.
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Give a Blues Dog a good name!!!

Ain't He Sweet?
...plays a beat
...that won't be beat!!

In honor of our upcoming Blues School Program in 2007, Broward County Libraries Division is asking people to name our Blues School Mascot, Blues Dog. If you feel like giving our Blues School Dog a good name, please write -