July 19th, 2006

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Targeting Jesus

In today's war on terror, rockets have been dropped on Nazareth, the community of Jesus the Christ. Perhaps in the social madness of the s terrorists, they have once again failed to understand the 2000 year influence of Jesus.

Jesus was not a man of possessions,, nor was he much of a traveler. It was believed that he did not travel more than 200 miles from the Nazareth community. Blowing up the mock up stable representing the birth spot of Jesus has done more harm to tourist entrepreneurs than Christian belief and faith.

It is with a sense of irony that Comedy Central unleash the "Tom Cruise visits "South Park" episode tonight. PVCBSD (Paramount-Viacom-CBS-Dreamworks), the family corporation of Comedy Central, fear a possible insurgence from Scientologists. The PVCBSD Corporate Family also fear a terrorist reprisal if a portrait of the prophet Muhammad is presented on "South Park" also.

Perhaps if the PVDCBSD understood more about Jesus, they would not live their lives with such fear. Perhaps if they could overcome their inbred hatred, the terrorists would learn the message of Jesus the Christ.