June 17th, 2006

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IMAX 3D Alien Adventure invades Museum of Discovery and Science

Filmed in 3-D for the IMAX big screen, "Alien Adventure" opens the scientific season this summer. The Glagoliths will invade the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science in the hopes of establishing a new home base. For hundreds of years, the Glagoliths has roamed the universe in search of a new home. South Florida residents should not fear colonization of our planet, because these alien gypsies have problems with navigation and separating fantasy from reality.

It has been learned that the Glagoliths have accidentally landed in "Adventure Planet," a new hi-tech amusement park not open to the public. One alien scout is rumored to have suffered from frostbite while riding an artic blast. Another team of alien political scientists toured the mythical Middle East on a magic carpet ride with the assistance of helpful genii. The last intrepid explorer rode a roller coaster, ride through a baby's playroom and encountered carnivorous dinosaurs. It is believed that all three teams of alien adventurers suffered from some degree of motion sickness.

Actually, if ticket buyers view **Alien Adventure,** they need to be concerned about motion sickness. This film is so involving that you walk out of the theatre on rubbery legs. With 3-D glasses, this film challenges depth perception and individuals with a tendency towards vertigo should heed the producer's warning:

A. Grip your armrest firmly.

B. Keep your eyes on the center of the screen.

C. Scream.

Unlike recent educational IMAX motion pictures, "Alien Adventure" goal is to entertain and not lecture. The Aliens are goofy enough and their behavior reveals more humanity than Brad Pitt. Containing no discernible dialog beyond the Glagolith language, the strength of **Alien Adventure** is the creative visuals and. Director Ben Stassen's ability to find surprises in this simple narrative.

For more information about joining the "Alien Adventure" and participating in the exhibition, should contact IMAX at (954) 463-IMAX (4629) or visit the website at http://www.mods.org
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

American Elitist Film Institute

Oh course some of the movies that inspired me in my life were not even mentioned in the elitist American Film Institute. Yea, I am happy that a Jimmy Stewart film topped the list, but "Chariots of Fire" was more inspirational than "The Searchers" or "King Kong" or one million other movies? Here's the link if anybody is inspired to look;

For an alternative point of view, check out Mark Looy's column from the "Answers in Genesis" website;