April 3rd, 2006

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LENT DAY 33 Ice Age defeats the Ice Pick

Without seeing either film,
I am glad to see "Ice Age II: the Meltdown" smite Sharon Stone's "Basic Instinct Part 2."
"Ice Age 2" made over 70 million dollars, while "Basic Instinct 2" made 3.2 million dollars.

Hollywood executives are blaming the Bush Administration for the poor box office gross of
"Basic Instinct 2." Americans have decided to be repressed and stayed away from Sharon Stone's nude scenes. Actually, some of these Hollywood executives associated with "Basic Instinct 2," may need to collect their unemployment checks shortly for greenlighting this self indulgent production. Sharon Stone is the 2006 odds on favorite to earn a Razzie Award.

On the other hand, "Ice Age 2 the Meltdown" featured an animated story about creatures helping each other under harsh conditions. For Manny the Mammoth, there is a love interest and discussion about creating a Baby Mammoth. Perhaps America is NOT as repressed as soon-to-be-unemployed-Hollywood-elitist would like to believe.