March 31st, 2006

Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

DVD Alert "Into the Blue"is inspirational, if you have testosterone....

In contrast to "A History of Violence," "Into the
Blue" has the feeling of a good old-fashioned comic
book adventure. The plot is by the numbers, with some
satisfying plot and character twists. “Into the Blue”
is a triumph of style over substance.

A drug carrying cargo plane crashes during a
lightening storm near the Bahamas. After the storm, a
hardworking, nice good-looking couple (Jessica Alba
and Paul Walker) meets with hedonistic city folk
(Scott Caan, Ashley Scott). During recreational
scuba diving, the four main characters find the
crashed plane with bundles of cocaine and a sunken
pirate ship. With a touch of the “Treasure of Sierra
Madre,” the four characters are tempted by greed.

So what if “Into the Blue” does not have the character
depth of John Huston’s classic movie starring Humphrey
Bogart and Walter Huston? The film contains some
gorgeous underwater cinematography. All forms of
diving are revealed in a variety of ways. For the
recreational scenes, free diving without tanks is
presented as an underwater ballet. The underwater
archeology sequences are presented with blue-collar
precision. There is only one clichéd scene of being
trapped underwater with a tank running out
of oxygen.

“Into the Deep” is inspirational for two
reasons; Jessica Alba in a thong bikini will inspire
young men in ways that Jacqueline Bisset inspired many
a young man 29 years ago in “The Deep.” The film’s
final coda announces that nearly six billion dollars
in treasure is waiting to be found in the oceans
today. Maybe it is time to renew my diving