March 21st, 2006

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Lent Day 20 Laura Ingraham proves that David Gregory is a girlie man

This morning on the "Today Show," Laura Ingraham made White House Correspondent David Gregory look like a girlie man. James Carville was also there and tried to tag team Laura Ingraham. Ms. Ingraham treated Carville and Gregory as if she were Andre the Giant and Carville and Gregory were the Toyko midgets.

Ms. Ingraham made this revealing comment about our modern media;

"Well here, here's what I think David. I think with all the resources of networks like NBC. "The Today Show" spends all this money to send people to the Olympics, which is great, it was great programming. All this money for Where In The World Is Matt Lauer? Bring the "Today Show" to Iraq. Bring the "Today Show" to Tal Afar. Do the show from the 4th ID at Camp Victory and then when you talk to those soldiers on the ground, when you go out with the Iraqi military, when you talk to the villagers, when you see the children, then I want NBC to report on only the IEDs, only the killings, only, only the reprisals."

Ms. Ingraham's form of journalism is closer to the standards set by Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley.

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