March 14th, 2006

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Lent Day 13 Sore Loser

I have not read her books,
but I thought "The Shipping News" was an underrated movie.
Annie Proulx also wrote the short story "Brokeback Mountain."
Larry McMurtry won an Oscar for the best adapted screenplay
and he gave a great speech about the importance of the written word.

Proulx, on the other hand,
is still upset that her film did not win the Best Picture Oscar.
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Proulx noted that "Brokeback's" three Oscar wins, put her movie "on equal footing with King Kong."
if only "King Kong" received such favorable press as "Brokeback Mountain" did,
Peter Jackson's epic would have received the respect that it deserved at both the box office and the Awards Season. At least the Rondo Hatton Awards got it right for 2005!