February 19th, 2006

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Winners of the Rondo Hatton Awards to be announced 2 nite !!!!

The votes have been counted and on February 19, 2006 - we will learn who the has earned their Rondo Award for 2005!!!

Given how horrible the movies were for the past two years, the Rondo Hatton awards nominated some of the most fun movies of 2005. There are NO galas, drunken whoring celebrities and nervous band directors - just good, clean fan appreciation!

Long Live Rondo !!!
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"The Ayran Couple" a unique perspective of the Holocaust

Whenever I have doubts about America's involvement in
the war on terrorism, our enemies say something that
enforces my beliefs that this conflict is justified.
My latest reminder has been the public relations war
stating that the Holocaust did not happen. Being a
South Florida resident, one may have witnessed the
dreaded wrist tattoo of some of our Jewish Citizens
from the World War II era. There have been some excellent
and award winning movies about the Holocaust;
among them "Schindler's List,""Life is Beautiful" and "The Pianist."
"The Aryan Couple" presents the perspective of the Holocaust from
the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

"The Ayran Couple" opens with iconic images this mass
produced horror; an abandoned concentration camp,
charred bodies in mass graves and naked starved
prisoners being photographed. As the mass of people,
wearing Star of David stitched into their clothing,
board the train like cattle, Hans (Kenny Doughty)
and Ingrid (Caroline Carver) Vassman tearfully
observe these ominous proceedings.

The Vassman Couple are one of the few Aryan people who
are in employed by Jews. Joseph Krauzenberg (Martin
Landau) and his wife Rachel (Judy Parfitt) are wealthy
Jews who have been buying the freedom of their family
and friends in Hungary. However by 1944, the price of
freedom becomes much higher and the Krauzenberg's are
forced to abandon their castle through negotiation
with Henrich Himmler(Danny Webb) and Eichmann (Steven
Macintosh), the evil burreaucrat what efficiently
realized Adolph Hitler's Final Solution.

What was subtly hinted at early in "Schindler's List,"
"The Ayran Couple" focuses on in painstaking detail;
making business deals with the devil. Joseph and
Rachel Kauzenberg play good cop-bad cop in the final
negotiations with Himmler and Eichmann. The art of
the deal is a page out of Donald Trump's many
management books. Unlike Trumps synthetic boardroom
on television, the Kauzenberg couple are bargaining
for people's lives.

Martin Landau gives his best performance since winning
a best supporting Oscar as Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood."
Landau's Krauzenberg is a weary, defeated old man,
that is actually in more control of the situation
than he let's on. As Mrs. Krauzenberg, Judy Parfitt
has the most rounded role and gives the audience a
well balanced character that energized some of
the staid scenery.

As "The Ayran Couple," Kenny Doughty and Caroline
Carver bridge the narrative. Living with a tremendous
secret, these likeable actors grow on the audience as
the suspense builds. For the people who enjoy the
nonstop action of "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of
the Sith," the tense action sequences of "The Ayran Couple"
will be a disappointment.

Yet ticket buyers who enjoy character development with
a narrative that provides an emotional payoff, "The
Ayran Couple" will make for some arresting viewing one
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Al Neri Morte!

Richard Bright made a career usually playing business dressed henchmen.
He was always a sinister face in movies like "Marathon Man,"
"Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," "Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia," "The Getaway,"
"Looking for Mr. Goodbar," "Night Falls on Manhattan,"
the cable television series "The Sopranos" "Oz" and three different versions of NBC's "Law & Order."
Bright portrayed Al Neri, Michael Corleone's body guard in "The Godfather" trilogy.

After getting hit by a bus in the streets of New York, Mr. Bright died today at age 68.
There's not much information about Mr. Bright, except that if you look at his resume on
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0109175/ , you realize that he has worked a lot in New York City.