February 12th, 2006

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Hurricane Wilma improves the Riverwalk Blues Festival

One of the benefits of Hurricane Wilma is that the storm postponed the
"19th Annual Riverwalk Blues Festival in Fort Lauderdale" until February.
The weather was gorgeous and the acts went off without a hitch.
Buddy Guy Junior sobered up the Downtowner Saloon crowd under the light of a full moon.
Elvin Bishop sang a song about 'fishing" and managed to crack a joke about "Brokeback Mountain,"
much to the applause of the audience. http://www.alligator.com/index.cfm?section=artists&artistid=21

The most energizing act was the "Downchild Blues Band,"
an act that inspired bar owner Dan Ackroyd before Saturday Night Live began 1975.
With 37 years in the Blues business, Downchild played the harp in the the green bullet with the recklessness of a 17 year old. Nice guy, I had my picture taken with him.
One woman asked to to sign her blue jeans.
Guess where she had space available????
At least Downchild did not dot the "I" very hard :)

The plans are to return the "Riverwalk Blues Festival" to downtown Fort Lauderdale, the weekend of the Superbowl. Given what I saw yesterday,
the 20th Annual Riverwalk Blues Festival"
will make the NFL jealous in terms of a great partygoing atmosphere!
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and

Peter Benchley dies

Author Peter Benchley died today of pulmonary fibrosis.
Imagine being a sixth grade student in May and passing around the book "Jaws"
and reading all the naughty bits.
By 8th grade, I could not wait to read a copy of "The Deep.

Peter Benchley was a regular on the talk show circuit,
ABC's Wild World of Sports and Curt Gowdy's "American Sportsman."
He displayed his grandfather Robert's wit on "The Tonight Show"
Starring Johnny Carson. Peter Benchley was also a speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson.

The man compiled a lot of life in his 65 years.