October 13th, 2005

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Hedge your bets on"Two for the Money"

Silly me. When I watch football on the weekends, I do
it because I enjoy the sport. It is emotionally
devastating enough to watch the Miami Dolphins commit
18 penalties and still almost win the game in the
final two minutes. The last thing I need to do to
relax to to worry about my football team attempting
cover their point spread. "Two for the Money" is
about the business of watching sports.

Matthew McConaughey portrays Brandon, a college
football prodigy who is injured during his heroic
final bowl game, his sports career in ruin, Brandon
makes a living as a bookie who provides sports picks
for gamblers. During football season, Brandon gets on
a hot streak. With such a blockbuster streak, Brandon
comes into the focus of Walter Abraham (Al Pacino),
the manager of a profitable sports consulting

Part devil/part mentor, Walter tutors Brandon about
the importance of appearances and perceptions. Aiding
Walter is his wife, Toni (Rene Russo), a cosmetician.
Despite running a successful business, Toni fears that
Walter will return to the corruption of his past.
Walter was a compulsive gambler who brought financial
devastation to the family. Toni's fears are justified
when Walter and Brandon nab the account of reputed
mobster Novian (Armand Assante).

Though Matthew McConaughey is "Two for the Money's "
leading man, this film is owned by Al Pacino. With
wide eyed enthusiasm, Pacino gets the best lines in
the movie. Despite his charismatic bravado, Pacino
also makes Walter a bit of creep with a deep seated
inferiority complex. McConaughey are Russo are
likable in roles we have seen them perform before.

The film is enjoyable with memories of the two Paul
Newman and Robert Redford partnerships like "The
Sting" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."
Pacino echoes his performances as John Milton in
"Devil's Advocate," the Coach in "Any Given Sunday"
and the slick salesman of "Glengary Glen Ross." As
the film attempts to find a moral conclusion, the
inspiration from the earlier scenes fades. To reach
the film's climax, the film lurches to a very
unsuccessful emotional showdown that fails due to
dialog written from a "Redbook" magazine.

The strength of "Two for the Money" is how it relates
to the South Florida culture. If you listen to AM
radio on Friday morning, one can hear Hank Goldberg's
team picks on 560 WQAM. The phone callers speak with
the intensity of a high school junior the night before
their SAT exam. Goldberg has had some hot streaks,
but when he has his slump - the phone calls become
scary. If you transfer Goldberg for McConaughey, one
can see the connection.

Based on poor box office receipts, "Two for the Money"
is not likely to spawn a sequel titled "Three for the
Show." It is not a bad movie for free, but the price
of a ticket would be better invested on a hot betting tip.
Cinema Dave  Swashbuckling ournalist and


The 20th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) presented by Cay Club Resorts & Marinas, October 14 – November 20, officially announced today their special guests for the 2005 festival.

FLIFF which annually bestows The Robert Wise Director of Distinction Award, this year will present the honor to award-winning director Arthur Penn, remembered for great films such as "The Miracle Worker," "Little Big Man," and "Bonnie & Clyde." The Career Achievement Award will be presented to Whoopi Goldberg for her work in films like "The Color Purple," "Ghost," and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." Both awards will be presented on Saturday, November 5 at Browrd Center for the Performing Arts. Audiences attending will enjoy a Q&A with our celebrity guests.

Additional celebrities scheduled to attend, November 7 through November 12,
include: Joshua Jackson and Juliette Lewis, for their film "Aurora Borealis," which also stars Donald Sutherland and Louise Fletcher. The film made its world premiere at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and makes it Florida Premiere at FLIFF.

Award-winning animator and director Bill Plympton will attend screening of his feature "Hair High" coupled with two of his short films "The Guard Dog" and "The Fan Among The Flowers;"
Irene Cara will also attend the fest for the 25th Anniversary of the film phenomenon "Fame;"
Kellie Martin (Life Goes On, ER) attends as a filmmaker for her short "Frenching;"
Barry Shurchin and Veronica Cartwright from "Barry Dingle,"
Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Woods are expected to attend the World Premiere of their new thriller "End Game;"
and for the fests Closing night film,
director Bobby Roth and stars of his new film "Berkeley,"
Nick Roth and Sarah Carter will attend.

The 20th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival reels out over 200 independent films throughout the 37-day event. The main attraction of FLIFF is its focus on foreign films.
50 films from around the world, in competition,
will begin Nov 3 – 6 at The Broward County for Performing Art's Amaturo Theatre.
Those films include:
from the U.S. TRANSAMERICA directed by Duncan Tucker and AURORA BOREALIS, directed by James Burke; from France JM’ME SENS PAS BELLE (U.S. Premiere) directed by Bernard Jeanjean, LE ROLE DE SA VIE directed by Francois Favrat; from Russia PARNIKOVIY EFFEKT (US Premiere); from Norway HAWAII, OSLO; from Sweden KRAMA MIG (US Premiere); from Spain INCAUTOS (US Premiere); from Germany BEFORE THE FALL; and from Chile PLAY.

FLIFF moves to AMC Coral Ridge Theatre Nov 7 – 13 with more foreign films and American Independents. Included among those,
from the U.S. END GAME (World Premiere),
and BERKELEY; from the UK TICKETS, LOST DOGS (US Premiere), BREAKFAST ON PLUTO, WHITE COUNTESS; from Belgium, AALTRA; from Italy MANUALE D’AMORE, TRE GIRONI D’ANARCHIA, DOOR OF THE SEVEN STARS; from Brazil COMO FAZER UM FILME DE AMOR; from Sweden SOM MAN BADDAR; from India CHAI PANI ETC (US Premiere), SHWAAS; from Macedonia BAL-CAN-CAN; from Kurdistan KILOMETRE ZERO; from New Zealand HIDDEN; and from Haiti PLUE D’ESPOIR…among others.
The fest’s Official Closing Night Film is BERKELEY, concerning a time when our country was fighting a war halfway around the world...an unpopular war costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars. A war we lost due to liberal defeatist politics.

Other events include The Target Family Film Festival,
The Boo-tacular on Las Olas, The National Student Film Competition, The Eastman Kodak Seminars, "Back 50" (celebrating Academy Award winning films from fifty years ago) and The Maroone Moonlight Movies (nine outdoor screenings). All of these events are free along with the Arthur Penn retrospective. FLIFF will also present LUNAFEST benefiting The Breast Cancer Fund; and The Sun Dawg Film Festival benefiting pets rescued after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Gala events take place on five luxury yachts (75’-160’), a double decker 300’ party barge, on the beach, and at numerous restaurants and clubs. FLIFF, the world’s longest film festival (Guiness World Records) at 38 days, wraps up with dates in Boca Raton and Miami Beach. Sponsors include The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, The Sundance Channel, Comcast, Perrier, Target, Steve Savor, Broward County, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau and The Florida Arts Council.

For information, visit www.FLIFF.com or call 954-525-FILM.
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Screamfest 2005 - the Florida Swamp Horror Convention

On the eve of "Screamfest 2005,"
60 Special Guests are scheduled to attend THE Monster event in the Southern United States.
For a listing of guests, please click;

Besides being charitable, promoter Pete Mongelli has fashioned a unique festival for monster mavens.
Sid Haig will be performing a wedding as his notorious Captain Spaulding from "The Devil's Rejects" and "House of a 1000 Corpses." Fifteen live bands are scheduled to perform for nightly entertainment and vendors have special deals for the Monster Maniacs.

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