September 16th, 2005

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Screamfest Countdown: Halloween Christine Clone and her caretaker

Our North Broward Neighborhood has become the domain for contemporary horror icons, rivaling Elm Street, Vasaria and Translyvania. Besides Scream Queen Linnea Quigley making South Florida her home, Christine C. (the C stands for Clone) also resides in Pompano.Unlike Quigley's vegetarian diet, Christine's diet consists of high test gasoline.

Christine is a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Created on a Detroit assembly line in 1957, Christine's past is shouded in mystery. What is known is that Christine has changed engines three different time. She utilizes an Imperial 413 Engine with push button transmission. Christine was rescued from an old man's back yard over a dozen years ago by electronic technician Rich Z.

A car enthusiast since attending a Andrew Jackson High School in Queens County, Long Island during the 1970's, Rich discovered Christine in Hialeah. While he was not actively seeking to own an old car, Rich admits to being a fan of the movie "Christine" which was written by horror writer Stephen King.
In 1983, Stephen King published "Christine" and by December 11, 1983, the movie of the same name was released.

After destroying twenty Plymouth Furies during the production of the movie, this John Caprenter directed feature opened to favorable reviews and good box office for the Christmas season. The narrative features a classic Stephen King love triangle between a boy, a girl and a machine. Arnie Richie Cunningham (Keith Gordon) is a typical high school loser. Arnie's self esteem improves when he buys the shell of a Plymouth Fury (Christine) from a sinister looking salvage yard manager, LeBay (Roberts Blossom). LeBay knows that this Plymouth is darkly possessed by evil. Arnie restores the car and names it "Christine." As his acne clears up and his posture improves, Arnie starts to date the prettiest girl in class, Leigh (Alexandra Paul). Feeling gilted, Christine plots to run over anybody that stands in the way of her and Arnie.

The subtext of Stephen King's novel focused on the crass American commercialism. While Arnie's misadventures occur in 1978, it was the time when the 1950's nostaglia of the "Happy Days" television show and "American Grafitti." Christine helps make Arnie what he is not. A victim of his material success, Arnie is destroyed but Christine lives to haunt another day.

Stephen King went on to write another haunted car thriller
"From a Buick 8," but the new creation lacked the character of this 1957 Plymouth Fury. Legend has it that the authentic leading lady is currently residing in Sarasota. Regardless of the celebrity status, the rebirth of

Christine the Clone is a labor of love. Rich has provided a mini internal museum in the backseat of Christine. This mini museum features pictures of Christine Clone's rebirth, Plymouth Fury memorablia and lobby cards from the movie. Christine Clone and her caretaker can usually be seen most Sunday Nights in the Crabby Jack parking lot. Crabby Jack's is an appropriate location given that a Drive-In used to be there. Beware ladies, if you spend too much time with Rich, Christine will be watching...........Happy Halloween!
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THE PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Seeks Entries from Moviemakers Worldwide



Seeks Entries from Moviemakers Worldwide

Final Deadline is February 1, 2006

(Boca Raton, FL – Sept. 16, 2005) The Palm Beach International Film Festival is actively planning their 11th annual event scheduled for April 20-27, 2006. With the dates in place, the festival is now announcing their call for film entries. Features, featurettes, shorts and documentary submissions of all genres are accepted and open to filmmakers worldwide.

All selected films are eligible to be included in the competition for “Audience Favorite” in the following categories: Feature, Short and Documentary. Competition is available in the categories of Best Director, Best Performance by an Actor/Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short.

Entry forms and eligibility guidelines are available on the festival's website at: Discounted entry fees are provided for films submitted by December 30, 2005. The final deadline is February 1, 2005.

The 11th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival will be held April 20-27 at venues throughout Palm Beach County. Activities at this week-long celebration of the past, present and future of independent film and cinema include:

· The screening of more than 100 American and foreign independent features, shorts and documentaries of all genres.
· Stimulating seminars and intensive film discussion groups.
· Parties and informal get-togethers with filmmakers and industry professionals from around the globe.
· Student Showcase of Films and Awards Ceremony.
· PBIFF’s world renowned Hollywood-style awards gala featuring screen legends of yesterday,
the hottest stars of today and some of the most prominent filmmakers of all time.

All filmmakers in attendance will receive Industry Passes good for all regular screenings, special events and parties.

About the Palm Beach International Film Festival

The Palm Beach International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization supporting film programs in local schools and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of future filmmakers by helping them fulfill their dreams to one-day work in the world of film. Proceeds generated each year are donated to schools, in the form of grants and scholarships, to provide new technologies. For more information, call 561.362.0003 or visit
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Katrina Pet Rescue Drop Off Extended

Katrina Pet Rescue Drop Off Extended

Need and response leave Central Bark Doggy Day Care with no alternative than to extend Katrina Pet Rescue Donation Center Open

(Fort Lauderdale, September 16, 2005) “We can't stop now; too many dogs and cats need our help”. Explains Julian Cavazos III, General Manager of Central Bark Doggy Day Care. “We're 100% committed to getting supplies to the dogs and cats in the disaster areas and so is the South Florida community”. Central Bark has received donations such as crates, food, medical supplies and more, but have trucks waiting to send out. “We need dog & cat food (dry or can), crates to move the dogs and cats, flea & tick products, medical supplies and anything that will help us with this effort. “We need supplies ASAP, we have another truck leaving and need to fill it before we pull out”. “We will also be fostering dogs here at Central Bark, so anyone interested in adopting should contact us or come to our Yappy Hour September 27".

Central Bark Doggy Day Care and Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet will host a “Yappy Hour” Tuesday, September 27 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm to benefit the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS). This special evening will include wine, champagne, and hors’doeuvres. A Silent Auction will include items from E Coleccion, Newport Furnishings, Neiman Barkus, Hi-Life Café among others, and is designed to raise the funds for the organization whose disaster rescues are funded solely through donations and provided free of charge to the community.

EARS, the disaster rescue program of United Animal Nations has a nationwide network of more than 2,300 trained volunteers dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals during disasters. During the past fifteen years, EARS volunteers have helped thousands of animal disaster victims including more than 400 animals during last summer's devastating string of hurricanes in Florida

Central Bark Doggy Day Care is located at 3699 North Dixie Highway.
For more information call 954-568-3647 or go to