CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Day FOUR: The Alabama Adventure - An Afternoon in Union Springs

On this sunny Sunday, Cinema Dave and his parents visited the Union Springs Carnegie Library.

After years of badgering, the parents convinced Cinema Dave to donate some of his books to the library.

The mother managed to hurt her back while performing this community service for her old home town.

After performing this good deed, Cinema Dave and his parents visited the place where so many Watsons have gone on to meet eternity.

This is the headstone of Sgt. Dave Glenn Watson, the man that Cinema Dave is named after.

This is the headstone for the Matriarch of Union Springs, Cinema Dave's maternal grandmother, Maggie Belle. When she moved out of Union Springs in 1992, the town was never the same. The last of the Watsons had moved out.

Still the memories linger of the great Watson Brothers fireworks war by the old ditch.

After this stroll down memory lane, Cinema Dave and his parents enjoyed a meal at Michelle's Buffet. The three of them ate so much, that they stopped short of their intended destination, the Cabot Lodge in Gainesville and slept in Valdosta.

Sleep, perhance to dream?
Cinema Dave was awakened by his parents often in the night. The parents claimed that he was snoring. Cinema Dave fell asleep looking for the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night football.


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