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Aug. 11th, 2007 02:47 pm Day THREE:The Alabama Adventure - Dancing at the hunting lodge

Cinema Dave's Mom celebrated her 65th class reunion and danced with the man who brung her through 61 years of wedded bliss.

While the band did not play Glenn Miller or Big Band, Cinema Dave's parents found a way to dance to the Everly Brothers, the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Jimmy Buffet, etc...etc...

Sometimes it is good to leave a little tender moment alone...

Aunt Peggy decided to shake her groove thang with the energetic Tom Fenn.

Aunt Peggy also tore up the dance floor with her brother-in-law, that Yankee in-law.

Cinema Dave went home and crashed in his Montgomery motel room watching a dreary repeat of Saturday Night Live, a show that used to be funny.

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