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Cinema Dave tweaks the nose of an Elitist Media Goliath - CinemaDave

Jun. 23rd, 2007 12:12 pm Cinema Dave tweaks the nose of an Elitist Media Goliath

To appreciate the following facts and figures; you may want to visit my previous entries on

"A goliath who called this Dave stupid...SO stupid in fact"


"Sunday Ritual"

Here goes;

The Sun Sentinel, our local Tribune newspaper, no longer believes Florida needs local film critics. Their elitist film reviews are being syndicated by the major cities, like New York and Los Angeles. If it is a Woody Allen movie, expect a rave review, a Stallone movie - a Razzie Award contender. This is sad for Phoebe Flowers, who - despite our disagreements over Ray Romano - was an excellent writer, very clear thinking and concise.

Since the reorganization from a public company to a private one, owner Sam Zell and his bootlickers have driven the revenue down 11.8% in one month since the recent editorial revision.
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