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Sneak Preview Of Blind Filmmaker's Debut Feature @ Florida SuperCon

Florida-Blind author turned filmmaker Joseph M. Monks
announced on Thursday that the Florida SuperCon, taking place in Ft.
Lauderdale on June 22-24, will be hosting two special sneak previews of his
film, "The Bunker," along with a pair of Q&A sessions.

Monks, who lost his eyesight in 2002, confirmed last week on the film's
official web site that post-production on the feature, which stars Terry M.
West ("Flesh For The Beast") and newcomer Saskia Gonzalez, will be completed
by early July, and was eager to get some audience feedback via the previews.

"We've shown the rough to several distributors, and the interest in the film
is high," Monks told Franklin Wales for "The Hacker's Source."
"It isn't every day you open up a FedEx from a blind guy who's telling you he directed a movie. The good thing is, after the people in question viewed it, they truly enjoyed the film, and the fact that I'm blind is just a unique hook-more of
a sidebar."

Monks also let it leak on the web site that there is a festival announcement forthcoming, likely next week, confirming a screening during the
hot-and-heavy October horror festival season. The film has been entered in
a number of fests, and the director is fielding
inquiries from at least two offering invites.

"We researched the hell out of it," says Monks. "And we still haven't been
able to find anything about a blind film director. So if I'm not the first,
whoever beat me to it? Either his film was really, really bad, or he didn't
do enough work to show up on Google or in any of the entertainment trades
we've fact-checked with."

The screening times for The Bunker are:

Friday, June 22 at 10:30 p.m. / Question & Answer session to follow
Saturday, June 23, at 9:00 p.m. / Question & Answer session immediately

Monks will be attending the show all three days, signing copies of his work,
including his comic books, short story anthology, and will be holding a
drawing for a copy of the sneak-preview cut of the film on DVD, including
the 48 minute Making Of... documentary. The
convention is being held at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott North, and more
information on the convention can be found at:

For more information on The Bunker and Joe Monks, please visit:

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