CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Cinema Dave's Sunday Sermon; What is "God" spelled backwards?

As a regular contributor to "The Lipstick Chronicles," I received some nice words about this post -

Chrissy was named after Columbus.
She was a mix bred mutt with poodle heritage. She really fit into the family and had a great heart.

She came into the House of Cinema Dave when I was mere liquid nitrate, or in layman's terms - a baby. Chrissy was a puppy.

When we were both ten, we moved to South Florida. As my Uncle Frank said, Chrissy lived the American Dream - she did what she had to do in New York and retired to an air conditioned condo in South Florida.

It was my responsibility to put Chrissy to sleep, I was 17 and she was 16 and 1/2. She lived a good life until her last months, when her hips gave out. Many years later, I realized that when I put Chrissy to sleep, I put my childhood to bed.

There was this great episode of "The Twilight Zone" where this Old Cracker is on his way to Heaven, but there is a sign, "NO DOGS ALLOWED."
The Old Cracker can't bear to enter if it means leaving his old pal behind. The two stroll a bit more and some guy comes up to them and says,
"Hey, We have been looking for your two!"
The Guy, I believe, was Saint Peter.
The Guy at the other gate, had the smell of sulfur.

Therefore, I know I will be in Heaven when Chrissy is waiting for me on the the other side of the Pearly Gates.

Thanks Sarah Strohmeyer for the inspiration and here is the rest of the post;
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