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Draft - "Jerry & Woody"s Horror Movie Reviews" - CinemaDave

May. 27th, 2007 07:14 am Draft - "Jerry & Woody"s Horror Movie Reviews"

Mr. & Mrs Prendes would like to bring the popular and hilarious YouTube show "Jerry & Woody"s Horror Movie Reviews" to everyone! This means getting these guys onto everyone"s TVs!

There is no other horror movie review show on TV, much less the internet, so we feel it is time such a show got aired. But we need your help as horror fans, or just as movie geeks in general. Help us bring one of the funnest, most unique underground review shows to TV. With your help, we can finally put something interesting on tv.

I signed my name and I did not have to review any information about me that will cause me to receive odles of spam. Here is the link for the petition -

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