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Margaret O'Brien at the PBiFF Gala - CinemaDave

Apr. 22nd, 2007 02:54 pm Margaret O'Brien at the PBiFF Gala

Margaret O'Brien earned a living by being able to cry on cue. If should could not cry, her Mom suggested that she would get the "crying spray" to help her. The threat of the spray can worked and and she would burst into tears. When accepting her Legend Award, Margaret O'Brien acknowledged that

"...one does not make it on their own in the movie business" and that she was "thankful to her

Introduced by Jane Higgenson from "The Indian," Margaret O'Brien went on to encourage students to

"Do something good. The industry may change, but here will always be film. So do something positive."

Margaret O'Brien also encouraged all film students to;

"Learn your history, world history and film history and do not rush or get impatient."

The power of her acting was revealed by the classic clip from "Meet Me in St.Louis." Margaret O'Brien is tearfully listening to Judy Garland sing "Have your self a Merry Little Christmas."
The audience became quiet for that 30 second clip and there were a few moist eyes.

She may have been known as a professional cry baby, but behind the scenes at the 12th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival, Margaret O'Brien was referred to as a "Sweetie" by many of the behind the scenes heroes and heroines.

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