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Ride "Safari 3 D" at your local IMAX

At a family discussion last Easter, our topic of
conversation was about that intrepid adventurer from
an insurance company, Marlin Perkins. As a kid, I had
to sit through this serious drama before "Disney's
Wonderful World of Color." Midway through the
episode, the host and his usual sidekick, Jim Fowler,
would interrupt the action, return to the studio and
say something like, "Animals live in danger and you do
to. Unlike the animals, you can have insurance for
the safety for your family. Contact your local Mutual
of Omaha insurance agent!"

Fortunately for this IMAX release, "Wild Safari 3 D,"
there are no insurance salesmen who interrupt the
narrative. This documentary provides a third
dimensional view of at the BIG 5 Animals of Southern
Africa, the Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the
Rhinoceros, the Leopard and the Lion. Unlike the
forced drama and cheesy music of Marlon Perkins
battling a tranquilized snake, "Wild Safari 3 D" is a low
keyed observation about a safari adventure on African
game trails.

Our tour guide is Liesl Eichenberger, a zoologist from
South Africa. With our 3 D glasses safely secured,
the audiences sit in the back seat of an open range
vehicle. First contact is a meeting of friendly
elephants in a harem. Most of their playful behavior
revolves around the waterholes. As the families bathe
and splash water on each other, the bulls stands guard
of Liesl and her mechanical wheels. Despite being so
close to largest land mammal in the world, Liesl shows no
signs of intimidation of the African Elephant.

In the next city, Liesl encounters a cape buffalo and
a black and white rhino. Despite their docile cow
like appearance, the cape buffalo is one of the most
dangerous creatures of the lost kingdom. For trophy
hunting game hunters, more fatalities have been caused
by the cape buffalo than any other creature. In fact,
lions only prey on old or baby cape buffaloes.

The Botswana sequences with the spotted leopards
contain the most heart. The leopards are private
creatures and it is mating season. Despite being
watched by a pack of hyenas, the female coyly teases
the male who stands guard. Eventually Mr. and Mrs.
Spotted Leopard finds their privacy and procreate.
This lazy sequence is beautiful to watch with warm
cinematic colors that create comfortable romantic

"Safari 3D" is not your typical IMAX 3D. The opening
credits provide the obligatory 3D sequence that will
make many customers duck under their chairs. After
providing this spectacular shot, the film uses the 3D
technique in a different, but realistic way. The
nWave production crew create visual poetry that
invites the audience to South Africa. The feeling is
further enhanced by the film's upbeat musical score.
This jazz score reveals the indigenous musical cues
from African instruments.

"Safari 3D" plays exclusively at the Fort Lauderdale
Museum of Discovery at the Blockbuster IMAX Theater.
For more information or group tours, contact museum at
(954) 467-6637 or visit the website at
or the "Safari 3 D" website at
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