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PBiFF presents "Nostalgia" - CinemaDave

Apr. 18th, 2007 07:45 pm PBiFF presents "Nostalgia"

In "Nostalgia" Peter Zorn (Seth Macari) is a married man who has everything, but feels shallow. He looks up his first love on the internet and gets in contact with her kid sister, Kelly (Kelli Nordhus). In an attempt to recapture his youth, the married man has an affair with Kelli and his life goes awry.

"Nostalgia" strives to be a contemporary thriller in
the mode of Alfred Hitchcock’s "Vertigo,"
"Spellbound" and "Frenzy." While "Nostalgia"
does not make it to that level, it does present a
moral dilemma of a man who has it all and loses it by
trying to recapture his youthful dreams.
"Nostalgia" is film noir for the baby boomers.

While Kelli Nordhus (pictured above) is easy on the eyes, Aimée Bourgon is easily the best supporting actress of this ensemble. Bourgon reveals the weariness of being married too long, yet shows inner strength when her character has to take charge of the children and household. http://www.nostalgiathemovie.com/

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