CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Grindhouse" is no "Sin City 2" and that is too bad!

This is a good barometer to see if you will like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's **Grindhouse.** As a mother and son flee attacking zombies, she instructs her son to shoot anything that is not her. The son asks, "What about Daddy?"
The mother replies, "Especially Daddy!"

After she parks the car, the mother gives her son a loaded gun and tells him not to point the gun at his face. The mother walks away, the gunshot goes off and blood spatters on the windshield. The mother shrieks; "I told you NOT to point the gun at your face!!!"

Personal perception determines one's view of comedy or tragedy. If the accidental shooting of a child is too tragic for you, avoid **Grindhouse.** Yet if one could believe that Donald Trump was in danger of being shaved bald for **Wrestlemania 23** and can recite the B-movie schlock mantra - "IT IS ONLY A MOVIE, IT IS ONLY A MOVIE," then the double features of **Grindhouse** is the movie for you.

**Grindhouse** is a three hour double feature with scratchy film stock and exploitive trailers for movies starring Danny Trejo, Sybil Danning, Nicholas Cage and a doomed topless cheerleader on a trampoline. These faux trailers feature the funniest moments of the "Grindhouse."

The first feature is Robert Rodriquez's **Planet Terror.** The film opens with Rose McGowan perform Go Go dancing ala Betty Page. The woman will eventually have her leg amputated and replaced with a high powered machine gun. McGowan's surgery is performed at a hospital that is administered by the creepy husband and wife Doctors Block (Marley Shelton, Josh Brolin). The Doctors Block know the details of a military conspiracy involving biological weapons and zombies. Eventually all inferno breaks lose and subplots erupt with tales of sibling rivalry, BBQ recipes and hyperactive teenage babysitters. **Planet Terror** features pure manic action, loopy narratives and a cameo by Bruce Willis.

Quentin Tarantino's **Death Proof** slows things down considerably. The plot features eight woman and their death duel with serial killer, Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell). The final twenty minutes of this movie features a great car chase featuring Zoe Bell (a stunt woman who portrays herself) trapped on the hood of a car. While Rose McGowan has received the most publicity for **Grindhouse,** it is Zoe Bell's infectious charisma creates the most memorable and likeable character. Zoe Bell's final confrontation with the serial killer bully is fun to watch and redeems **Death Proof.**

The drawback to **Death Proof** is the Tarantino's reliance on dull dialogue scenes. If you need a bathroom break during this three hour presentation, take one during one of these long winded scenes in the restaurant. Both **Death Proof** and **Plant Terror** rely to heavily on Hollywood insider information to fully appreciate some of the inside jokes.

The parts of **Death Proof** and **Planet Terror** are better than the whole of **Grindhouse.**
The box office for this three hour double feature has been disappointing. Perhaps it is too much of a guilty pleasure for an Easter weekend. However, **Grindhouse** will be a hit as a DVD when it is taken home in a brown paper bag.
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