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meet "Finding Home" producer and Director this weekend

Paul McCartney knew when he had to start working on his memoirs. Recalling an incident with George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the three Beatles agreed with the details of the incident, but neither one of them could agreed with the actual location. While one could blame this problem on the Beatles experiment with LSD in 1967, this phenomenon can still trigger endless debates for even drug free individuals. From director and co-writer Lawrence David Foldes, "Finding Home" is a rare cinematic treat for the big screen these days, a film narrative with interesting characters.. A beautifully told story with a deceptively simple narrative, "Finding Home" deals with behavior implications of false and repressed memories.

Amanda (Lisa Brenner) is a successful executive who has a date with her boss. While celebrating her birthday and a potential night of whoopee, Amanda learns that her grandmother (Louise Fletcher) has died. Grief stricken, Amanda returns home to rural Maine and stays at her grandmother's bed and breakfast.

After her departure from Maine when she was a teenager, Amanda suffers from painful memories. She is reluctant to associate with Dave (Mischa Collins ), her grandmother's handyman and wood sculpture artist. It is the gentle maternal instincts of Katie (Genevieve Bujold) who helps Amanda confront the secrets of her biological mother (Jeannetta Arnette). By taking responsibility for her past, Amanda makes decisions that will impact the future of many people.

The Maine Tourist Board should bestow an award to cinematographer Jeffrey Seckendorf. The scenery is part of the character of the story and Seckendorf creates a touch of Heaven. In contrast to the **Billboard** inspired soundtracks of most released motion picture, composer Joseph Conlan created an earthy folkloric soundtrack that supports the narrative. These backstage details ground the movie with an aura of truthfulness.

The ensemble of actors are terrific. Lisa Brenner carries the weight of being the film's leading lady and provides an empathetic performance. As the non glamorous Katie , the glamorous is Genevieve Bujold provides subtle expression with mystical consequences. Bujold's Katie is the conduit that links Amanda to the spiritual world of her grandmother. With limited screen time, Louise Fletcher makes every second count in her performance as the grandmother. Fletcher is the rock on which the film is built upon. In small supporting roles, look for the late Jason Miller (in his final role) and Justin Henry (the little Kramer from "Kramer vs. Kramer") as the nerdy apprentice, Prescott. While these roles have small screen time, they are necessary to advance the narrative of the movie and each actor has a moment to shine.

"Finding Home" is a psychological detective story that unravels a universal truth about the mystery of life. The film has made the rounds at international festivals where the film received the Best Director and Best Actress (Bujold) awards at the Monaco International Film Festival. Recently presented at the Palm Beach International film Festival, "Finding Home" was named Best of the Festival at both the Sarasota and Nashville Film Festivals.

"Finding Home" will going into regional distribution and debuts in Florida. The husband and wife film making team of director Lawrence David Foldes and producer Victoria Paige Meyerink, will introduce the film at Regal Shadowood in Boca Raton on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and at Regal Delray on Saturday night at 7:30pm. After the screening, the Producer and director will return to the auditorium to discuss "Finding Home." For ticket information, please visit this link

You can also listen to Joesph Conlan's music and enjoy the coastal scenery of Maine at
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