CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Yon from Iraq - What's the big deal about Chuck Norris???

Michael Yon has posted his latest dispatch, the link can be found below for the serious stuff.  However, I thought Cinema fans might appreicate this comment:

Geraldo Rivera was there. He’s got a cool mustache. Monte Morin of Stars & Stripes was there. Monte’s a serious war correspondent. Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno was there. Odierno is a serious general who runs a huge portion of this war. Next time Odierno comes on the news, it can be good to stop and listen.

Leaving Ramadi, some of the soldiers couldn’t get over Geraldo’s cool mustache. Many soldiers joke about Geraldo, while others greatly like him, but not even Bruce Willis can approach the cult status of Chuck Norris for combat soldiers. Soldiers love Chuck."

Here's the link for the more serious stuff -
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