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The Amazing, the Fantastic and Titanic Ioan Gruffudd

The actor had been in South Florida a few hours, he had a full day with rush hour traffic while touring Dade, Palm Beach and Broward County for interviews. Ioan Gruffudd strode into Cinema Paradiso Thursday night dressed in black and received loud applause from the full house. Ioan then answered wide ranging questions about his career, historical knowledge, insights to his new "Fantastic Four" movie due for release in June and his current project "Amazing Grace."

Welsh born, Ioan is the son of educators. When asked if his parent's professional background had an influence on his choice of roles, Ioan replied; "My upbringing had an influence in that it exposed me to literature and you appreciate heroic parts. It was not a conscious choice, but these parts come along and the scripts were so good."

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), Ioan credits his training in managing his current success; "There is nothing that I came across in my career that I did not learn at RADA. You gain an incredible amount of confidence through education."

According to Internet Movie Database, Ioan has forty credits to his resume. In his most prolific roles, Ioan invests an honest and sincere quality and has yet to portray a rotten villain;

"That would be a challenge and it would be so much fun. It is hard for executives to see beyond what is presented and I usually get cast as the regular guy who is noble. I enjoy playing the leading man. You do not get the accolades like character actors, but I like being the character who carries the film."

 When not rescuing Kate Winslet from the sinking "Titanic" or circumnavigating the globe as Captain Horatio Hornblower, Ioan returns to the big screen this summer with "The Fantastic four Rise of the Silver Surfer." "I am contracted to do three films. If “The Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer” is successful this Summer, there will be a third movie. As an actor it is rare to have a gurantee of work, but “The Fantastic Four” raised my profile in the United States. It made me more bankable to be accepted to play Wilbur Wilberforce if not for “The Fantastic Four.”

"Amazing Grace" was a labor of love for the British cast. Ioan shares a brief scene with David Hunt, who is also one of the film's producers; "David is great fun . He is a British actor who lives in Hollywood and who is married to Patricia Heaton. He was proud to be involved in “Amazing Grace.” We had lots of banter about soccer (British Football) and he used to play professional soccer."

Of working with his costar and leading lady, Romla Garai; "We never worked together in the past. She was a delight, so young and gaining in confidence. It was a tough shoot for her being surrounded by men, but she held her own and she was feisty!" With two projects set to open, Ioan is awaiting his next business opportunity. He did mention that he would love to play a cowboy someday; "Westerns were a huge influence on me and they don't make them like them like they used to. I did do a whole movie on horseback in "King Arthur." Instead of carrying two guns, I carried two swords!" When pressed to name his favorite western, Ioan thought for a moment and replied, "The Magnificent Seven."


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