CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBIFF: Awards

The Award for Best Feature Film went to John Daly’s “The Aryan Couple”
a WWII drama about a German/Jewish industrialist (Martin Landau) who,
in order to ensure his family’s safe passage out of Germany, is forced
to hand over his business to the Nazis.

The Award for Best Director of a Feature Film went to Jeff Hare for his
film “Checking Out,” about an Old Shakespearean actor who invites his
three children to his suicide party. When they quickly arrive and for
the first time work together, prove to their father why life is worth

The two Awards were given to an actor and actress for Best Performances
in a Feature Film went to Laura San Giacomo for her role as the
perhaps-too-funny-for-her-own-good sitcom producer/daughter of Peter
Falk’s Morris Applebaum in Jeff Hare’s “Checking Out” and Kenny
Doughty, for his performance as the mysterious “perfect Aryan” valet in
“The Aryan Couple”.

A Special Jury Prize for Best Feature also went to “Human Touch,” for
its ability to depict the awakening of the human spirit.

The Award for Best Documentary Feature went to “39 Pounds of Love.”
Directed by Dani Menkin, this is the story of Ami, a man who while
unable to move any part of his body, still manages to move each and
everyone of us as he teaches us a part of life’s intimate dance. The
Jury all agreed that the documentary could very well be worthy of an
Academy Award nomination!

The Award for Best Short Film went to “Binta and the Great Idea”
directed by Javier Fesser about a 7-year-old girl who lives in a
village in southern Senegal and is able to go to school, compared to
her cousin who does not have the same good fortune.

A Special Jury Mention went to the short film “Things That Go Bump In
The Night”, directed by Adam Salky. That special night with your
girlfriend can be awfully difficult when she lives at home with her
parents! The jury was impressed by the filmmaker’s usage of the short
format in the concise telling of the story.

The Audience Choice Awards were announced by actress Sally Kellerman.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film went to “Night of the
Dog.” The World Premiere film was the result of the collaboration of
six filmmakers – Jaremy Catalino, Peter Donovan, Michael Patrick Burke,
Esthon Nelms, Ian Nelms, and Peter Atencio – who directed, produced,
wrote and starred in the comedy about six friends and an epic night

The Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature went to “Keeper
of the Kohn,” directed by David Gaynes about the heart-warming story of
a man living with autism.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film went to “A Day in the
Life of a Bathroom Key,” directed by Jill Effron. The humorous short
tells the story of an ordinary office key and its daily adventures.

Following the awards ceremony, director Jeff Hare, actor Judge Reinhold
and producer Mark Lane introduced the closing night film “Checking
Out.” Following the film, festival attendees and filmmakers moved over
to The Canteen for a private closing night celebration.

Longtime friend of PBIFF Brett Ratner was presented with the Founder’s
Award; Leslie Nielsen received the Lifetime in Entertainment Award;
Peter Boyle was presented with the Showmanship Award; Bai Ling was the
recipient of the International Shooting Star Award.

Louise Fletcher was honored with the Legend Award.
Fletcher was last seen Thursday night (April 21) as a patient on "ER" on the NBC network. Fletcher will be seen in the soon to be Florida released,
"Coming Home."
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