CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

As Cab said, "Time to put the word on the street!!!"


The barnstorming began when Hurricane Bain and Cinema Dave started to spread the gospel of "Blues School."

While attending a rally at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, Cinema Dave and the Hurricane cased the joint for the Guy Davis concert on April 14th, 2007.

Next Monday, the program begins with the following screenings;

Monday 2PM “Hallelujah!”

6PM “Crossroads”
Special Live Performance by the Acoustic Guitar Club at 6PM show.

Tuesday 2PM “Lady Sings the Blues”

6PM “Blues Brothers”

Wednesday 2PM “Ray”

6PM “Lady Sings the Blues”

Thursday 2PM “Crossroads”

6PM “Ray”

Friday 2PM “Hallelujah!”

Saturday 2PM Live educational concert with Professor Chuck Bergeron!

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