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Films in Review 2006 - CinemaDave

Dec. 31st, 2006 09:28 pm Films in Review 2006

Happy New Year and thank you for reading, I really do appreciate your interest in my website.

In the closing hours of 2006, I've reflected on the movies that I have seen this year. The list of honorable mentions is much bigger than usual, some of the titles were released in 2005, but were not seen in South Florida until this year.

The best films of 2006 are in reverse alphabetical order;

"World Trade Center"

"United 93"

"Rocky Balboa"

"A Prairie Home Companion"

"The Notorious Bette Page"

"Little Miss Sunshine"

"Happy Feet"

"Flags of our Fathers"

"Casino Royale"


Honorable Mentions for

"X Men 3 The Last Stand"
"We are Marshall"
"Superman Returns"
"Snakes on a Plane"
"Son of Man"
"The Pursuit of Happyness"
"Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest"
"Mrs. Henderson presents..."
"The Devil Wore Prada"
"The Departed"
"The Boynton Beach Club"

Once again, GRAZIA!!!!

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