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"DreamGirls" offers a dream ensemble cast - CinemaDave

Dec. 30th, 2006 10:33 am "DreamGirls" offers a dream ensemble cast

Jennifer Hudson deserves her kudos for her work as Effie on "Dreamgirls."
Her rendition of "You're Gonna Love Me" midway through the film is a showstopper and people applaud with tears in their eyes. A Best Supporting Actress nomination should be in her future.

One good category that the Screen Actor's Guild created is the best "ensemble" award, for "Dreamgirls" is a triumph of ensemble. Eddie Murphy, Beyonce Knowles and Jamie Foxx get their moments to shine, but one gets the feeling these box office veterans knew that this former American Idol contestant would steal the show.

The role of Effie is the best written character from "Dreamgirls" and it is sad that most mainstream critics are comparing Beyonce Knowles in a negative light in contrast to Jennifer Hudson. Knowles nails the role that is based on the life of Diana Ross.

In fact, "Dreamgirls" is based on the history, gossip and rumors about the rise of Motown, the record industry that began with music entrepreneur Barry Gordy. After his Oscar winning performance as Ray Charles, Jaimie Foxx reveals a darker side of his personality in "Dreamgirls."

Clocking in at two and a half hours, "Dreamgirls" becomes a bit long in the tooth. Director Bill Condon's musical numbers lack any sense of variety as the movie goes from one talking head solo after another. Which is why Jennifer Hudson's solo rendition of "You're Gonna Love Me" is such a stand out song midway through "Dreamgirls."

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