CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Don't rise, "Hannibal" and Harris should have laid low.

After a seven year wait, Thomas Harris has completed another Hannibal Lechter novel. Titled "Hannibal Rising," this book deals with Hannibal's early years and how he became a serial cannibal. At 300 some odd pages, one gets the feeling that "Hannibal Rising" was cultivated from unused notes from Thomas Harris' last book, "Hannibal," a 700 plus page epic.

While "Hannibal" shocked people with the cruel fates of major characters, there were some well written passages. In particular, the cat and mouse game Hannibal plays with Inspector Pazzi in Florence, Italy raises the literary merit of the Grand Guignol novel. "Hannibal Rising" does not claim such merit.

In another sign of the times, "Hannibal Rising" will appear at your local multiplex for Valentine's Day. It has not been confirmed if Anthony Hopkins will perform a narration of if he will have a cameo.

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