CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBIF: Friday Business

So many films, so little time!

"Novem" seems to have the most positive buzz at the festival thus far.
Producer/writer and director Brad Kimmel has created a serio documentary called "Novem" (Novem is the Greek word for the number 9). Nine college students go into the country and record music. After the last recording session, the 9 musicians die in an auto accident. Mr. Kimmel has created a soundtrack of some pretty decent sounding 1973 retro music.

"I Will Avenge You, Iago!" is an ensemble piece featuring modern day performers involved in either William Shakespeare or Giuseppe Verdi operas. This film is being aggressively promoted with press giveaways of ladies thongs, in honor of actress Kate Hodge's big scene.

"39 Pounds of Love" is a Dani Menkin film. Ami is one of Jerry's kids, he suffers from MD. Not expected to live beyond childhood, Ami celebrates
his 34 birthday and lives an inspiring life.

I also met Louise Fletcher today. I will have my interview posted later to coincide with the release of "Finding Home." This classy lady is receiving the Legend honor from the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

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