CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

SYLVESTER STALLONE's future after "Rambo" and "Rocky"

Craig Zablo: After "Rambo IV" concludes, what will be your next project?

I'm gonna direct "Edgar Allen Poe" [without] being in it. "Yo, Poe!" doesn't work. I'd like to direct some nice young actor in it who can get the soul of Poe. It's a dark story, but the challenge is how to make it enjoyable, so it isn't that depressing. And then there's a book I've been looking at for a while called Homefront, which is pretty good and, you know, there's certain things that will crop up. The main thing is I'd, I'd much rather spend more time directing than actually acting.
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I've heard about Stallone's "Edgar Allen Poe" script for 30 years. Apparently it is a brilliant script that is very dark. Will Stallone pull a Clint Eastwood and age like a fine chianti?
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