CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"United 93" - “Should we prepare for other threats besides terrorists?“

Throughout "An Inconvenient Truth," one sees that
former Vice President Al Gore has some residue resentment
over losing the presidency. At one point, Gore asks;

“Should we prepare for other threats besides terrorists?“

Perhaps if the Clinton Gore Administration did
their jobs when the World Trade Center was bombed
in February 1993, the American people could have
paid more on other threats like global warming.

This raw anger comes from viewing "United 93," an
excellent docudrama about the last plane that crashed
in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. Part horror
movie and part patriotic myth, Paul Greengrass
underplays the theatricality and presents a realistic
event. The unknown actors are very personable and
feel like people we know, thus the tragedy strikes

Taken from first hand accounts and government records,
"United 93" details the hijacking of Flight 93.
During the hijacking, the passengers got word that
planes were flying into the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon. Utilizing teamwork and non verbal
communication, the passengers frustrated the
terrorist's attempts to crash into the White House.

"United 93" is a history lesson that most people
seem to want to avoid. Given my fear of flying, I
avoided this motion picture on the big screen. Even
on my laptop computer, "United 93" was still a
powerful experience. The details are all correct;
the beautiful spring day contrasted with the
claustrophobic confusion of the day.

While not a box office winner, "United 93" is an
excellent companion piece to "World Trade Center."
Hopefully this Oscar season, both of these excellent
motion pictures will be remembered. Despite the
darkness of the content, both "United 93" and
"World Trade Center" reveal the backbone of a
culture that has not gone soft.
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