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PBIFF Mini Review: "Finding Home" - CinemaDave

Apr. 15th, 2005 08:36 am PBIFF Mini Review: "Finding Home"

From director and co-writer Lawrence David Foldes, "Finding Home" is a rare cinematic treat for the big screen these days.

"Finding Home" is a psychological detective story that unravels a universal truth about the mystery of life. Cinematographer Jeffrey Seckendorf should be honored by the Maine Tourist Board. The scenery is gorgeous and inviting, a touch of Heaven.

The ensemble of actors are terrific.
Lisa Brenner carries the weight of being the film's leading lady and provides an empathetic performance. With limited screen time, Louise Fletcher makes every second count in her performance as the grandmother. Fletcher is the rock on which the film is built upon.

In small supporting roles, look for the late Jason Miller (in his final role) and Justin Henry (the little Kramer from "Kramer vs. Kramer") as the nerdy apprentice, Prescott.

For more information about "Finding Home" at PBIFF, please visit;

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