CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Literary Cinema : Laurel and Hardy meet Victor Herbert

"Literary Cinema" features a great movie Saturday, December 2nd at the Main Library Auditorium. Preceding the show will be a Holiday party with live music.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy costar with Mickey Mouse in this Victor Herbert Operetta. The Evil Barnaby Silas will foreclose on the little old woman who lives in a shoe. It will take the aid of Little Bo Peep, Tom Tom the Piper's son, the Three Little Pigs and the march of the wooden soldiers to save Toyland from the boogie men. This film feature's Victor Herbert's rousing Christmas song, "March of the Wooden Soldiers."

Barnaby Silas is portrayed by Henry Kleinbach, who was only 22 at the time. Kleinbach was eventually billed as Henry Brandon for the remainder of his career, which concluded with a television appearance in "Murder, She Wrote." Standing 6'5," Henry Brandon portrayed Chief Scar in "The Searchers," directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne.

Oliver Hardy once mentioned that his favorite motion picture was "Babes in Toyland," which was reissued as "March of the Wooden Soldiers."

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