CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

007 - Dalton...Timothy Dalton!

Timothy Dalton has been getting a bad rap for his two 007 movies. Dalton was the first actor to take James Bond back to the text of Ian Fleming and seemed comfortable with shaken martinis and cigarettes.

"The Living Daylights" is an Ian Fleming short story from the "Octopussy" collection. The movie uses Fleming's short story as a springboard to a cold war drama involving arms shipments. It should be noted that the master villain, portrayed by Joe Don Baker, is an American. There is a great action sequence involving James Bond hijacking and opium filled airplane as he battles clever thug. Art Malick is a charismatic Afghanistan freedom fighter who enjoys tweaking the evil Soviet Empire. Malick would eventually portray Arnold's nemesis in "True Lies."

Until "Casino Royale," "License to Kill" was the most brutal Bond ever and was released with an "R" rating. The villain had shades of Manuel Noriega and was very Bondlike with his quips. In fact, Robert Davi had the best lines in the movie and appears lethal enough to hurt 007. Gladys Knight and Patti LeBelle have the last memorable songs from a Bond movie.

Most elitist entertainment rags have bemoaned the Dalton Bond movies, but they seem to love Dan Craig's interpretation. Actually Craig and Dalton have more in common than not.
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