CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Hannibal" Author Thomas Harris wrote me on the same day O.J. went public about his book!

On the day that Florida sociopath O.J. Simpson announced promotional plans with the Fox Network to sell his book, ""If I Did It," Thomas Harris has written a new Hannibal
Lecter novel, HANNIBAL RISING. It goes on sale nationwide December 5th,
but YOU can read a chapter TODAY.

To read the excerpt and visit the newly redesigned Thomas Harris Web
site, go to:

The evolution of his evil is revealed. In his first novel in
seven years, Thomas Harris takes readers back to the origins of Hannibal
Lecter. HANNIBAL RISING reveals how the extremely intelligent and
passionate young Lecter evolved into one of the most haunting characters in
literature, the man who has kept fans riveted in RED DRAGON, THE

Intrigued? Visit to read a chapter from the
book or listen to the author’s own reading and enter the sweepstakes
for a chance to win a signed limited edition of HANNIBAL RISING.

While you are there, you can view an exclusive still from the movie
HANNIBAL RISING for which Thomas Harris wrote the screenplay. This major
release will be in theatres February 9th.

Visit and be sure to sign-up for the e-mail
list to receive updates about HANNIBAL RISING, the upcoming movie, and
other Thomas Harris news.
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