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FLiFF Short Subject: “Lose Yourself” - CinemaDave

Nov. 11th, 2006 07:15 am FLiFF Short Subject: “Lose Yourself”

Johanna Cross writes and stars as herself, a marriage counselor battling personal domestic woes. Sadly “Lose Yourself” suffers because Cross is an inconsistent actress, Patricia Heaton would have nailed this role. To Cross' credit, she does provide some scenes with needed over-the-top energy and sarcastic put downs.

“Lose Yourself” is saved by an ensemble of players headed by Jonathon Silverman as Cross' husband, Zaul Rubinek as the boss and a very funny Dinah Manoff as the bosses' wife. The cute four eyed little girl from Sandra Bullock's comedy, “Hope Floats,” Mae Whitman, portrays a step daughter with body image issues.

This Neal Israel directed domestic comedy grows on the viewer and is saved by the performances of Rubinek, Manoff, Whitman and Silverman.

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